Beverage & Bar service

Craft Cocktails


We offer craft cocktails.  A custom cocktail adds a lot to your bar.  It can match the theme, be a fun twist on your favorite cocktail, or a new creation we built just for you.  Quality ingredients, trained staff, & unique presentations will make your guests so envious on your party.

Quality Bar Offerings


We only serve Premium & Top Shelf Liquors, Quality Wines, & the Top Brands of Beer.  In addition we are working with Halpatter Brewing to offer local seasonal craft beer.  Ask your Event Planner what's brewing.

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Great Service


Trained bartenders are important to balanced beverages and speed of service. We also make sure we staff each bar with appropriate number of bartenders to provide fast service and keep those lines short.

Bar Menus

Relish Catering Bar & Beverage Service (pdf)



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